How do I set up a VoIP phone number?

With Exotel, the VoIP phone numbers can be set up in 2 ways: 

1. Get a VoIP phone number and use the Exotel system: 

In this case, the customer signs up for an Exotel account and gets a virtual VoIP phone number. Later, he/she creates the required call flow and publishes the same number as their customer-facing number. ​​

Process: Sign up for an Exotel Account > Log into the system > Get a virtual VoIP number > Create a call flow > Publish the number on your website 

2. Use your existing customer facing number and forward calls to the VoIP number: 

Sometimes, the businesses want to keep their personal numbers as the customer-facing number. In such cases, all the calls to your existing personal number can be forwarded to Exotel's VoIP number. 

Process: Sign up for an Exotel Account > Log into the system > Get a VoIP number > Forward all calls from customer-facing number to VoIP number > Create a call flow > Start making/receiving the calls


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